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Fundraisers are professionals/consulting firms working to raise money for organizations. They participate in the fundraising process in its entirety, from doing the initial research into potential donors and devising strategies to implementing and coordinating the campaigns and events. Often, fundraisers are responsible for creating printed or digital promotional materials as well as reaching out to prospective donors.

In addition to planning events and campaigns, fundraisers are responsible for tying up loose ends, keep records of donors to consult for future campaigns, assess the success of campaigns to guide future strategies and report fundraising activities as required by law.

CINCO is in dire need of resources to meet community needs.


Fundraisers often work closely with volunteer committees to raise awareness and support for organizations that engage them. They are responsible for organizing and executing gift campaigns which build relationships and raise funds for charitable causes or groups. Duties include:

  • Liaise with Board of Directors or top management to create organizational readiness for fundraising efforts
  • Create fundraising plans and strategies
  • Implement and manage fund development strategies
  • Raise money for current projects, as well as build an endowment fund to secure long term sustainable funding
  • Perform public relations functions such as writing news releases, newsletters and featured stories
  • Maintain positive relationships with current sponsors and donors
  • Draft case statements to encourage support for the cause or organization

  • At least a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations, Marketing, Fundraising, Communications, Non-Profit Management, all with English language, both written and spoken. Non English speakers can liaise with our office for strategies of communication in other languages.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, outgoing and people-oriented personality with strong listening ability
  • Past experience volunteering, interning, grant making and using social media for fundraising or working for a non-profit charitable organization.
  • Excellent Computer Skills
  • Ability to develop relationships with donors
  • Registration with your state’s government as a “charitable soliciting organization or individual,” especially if you indent to work as a private consultant
  • Certified Fund Raising Executive credential if any
  • Registration with the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) if any
  • Knowledgeable in various fundraising techniques
  • Be sensitive to cultural differences in attitudes towards fundraising
  • Knowledgeable in legislation and regulations relevant to fundraising
  • Must be able to effectively compile information and prepare reports as per deadlines
  • Ready to work interim or part time basis, subject to review

Interested fund raisers should at least score in majority of the areas given above

[The above position is currently available at CINCO]

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