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Volunteering for CINCO can be incredibly powerful, especially when done in conjunction with a crowd funding campaign. Volunteers can do some amazing things. Time is one of the greatest things that you can give someone or a course, letting people know that you’re doing double duty will let them know that you are incredibly serious about a cause for support, whether through money or fundraising on your behalf.

CINCO recruits fundraising volunteers to aid in our resource mobilisation for viable community projects. Each volunteer has relationships and talents that are invaluable for successful fundraising. Some will participate in solicitations, while others will contribute in other important ways to help raise funds.

CINCO would love to have volunteers who give their time to help fundraise online or solicit for in-kind donations. A few things that a volunteer can do to aid our organization’s ability to fund raise include:

  • Maintaining a spreadsheet of forthcoming grant openings
  • Assisting in composing and sending thank you letters
  • Making telephone calls to contributors and potential donors
  • Running a fundraising stalls at an occasion
  • Creating fundraising materials, for example posters and emails
  • Using web-based social networking to advance fundraising openings
  • Updating website with approaches to help your organisation
  • Researching organizations to see who may support our course
  • Managing equipment, supplies and different materials
  • Putting up notices/posters

Interested Volunteer Fundraisers can contact us by sending an Email to

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