Our Approaches

CINCO is focused on one goal: To improve quality of life of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable and respect for human dignity for social and economic development

Since its inception, CINCO has been driven by the belief that all people should have the opportunity to live a healthy, secure, clean and supportive environment. CINCO’s approach to development draws upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 20130 and the Kenya Vision 20130 to drive our work. Recognizing and acting upon the factors that keep the most vulnerable and poor members of the society from accessing Health services, safe and clean water, social and economic development opportunities is vital to CINCO’s work.

CINCO leverages on our shared Principles to drive our development work and these include emphasis on community driven and solutions to foster dignity and a feeling of ownership, community participation and partnerships to drive systemic change by removing the barriers to access and mutually sharing in systemic change and opportunities.

CINCO works with families, communities, partners and supporters to help the vulnerable, from young to old and at various priority intervention areas:

  • enjoy good health
  • are educated for life
  • are cared for and protected, and participate on issues affecting them, both in the house hold and community for solutions
  • supported to mitigate home grown disaster mitigation strategies
  • supported to gain life skill to meet life challenges/dangers
  • have access to safe and affordable water
In delivering on our commitments, CINCO uses integrated, multi-sectoral approach for wholesome impact:

CINCO has developed expertise in providing assistance to the poor and vulnerable persons. We aim for long term interventions in order to stem the likelihood of cyclical crises and lay foundations for long-term benefits.

CINCO’s interventions promote self-sufficiency and participation to drive local own recovery. To achieve durable solutions, programs seek to strengthen civil society institutions and, where feasible, link up to regional and national government partners.

How is CINCO’s Approach Translated into Practice?

Key Investments
CINCO supports country offices to adopt a program approach by investing in learning labs to facilitate the capturing and transferring of knowledge across the organization. As CINCO works closely with partners to implement projects, the organization invests heavily in capacity building, training, mentorship, research and materials about how to improve and facilitate partnerships. Staff development and capacity-building, as well as enhanced country office support (i.e. increased access to broadband internet in the field) are being pursued.

CINCO works with partners to drive positive change in communities. We implement projects in close collaboration with local partners/stakeholders so as to respond and find solutions to their own problems. CINCO is currently striving to develop more workable partnerships with local and international organization/foundations, governments and multilateral organizations sharing in our programmatic and geographical delivery areas. Through these partnerships, communities access the knowledge and resources needed to improve the well-being of children and mothers, fight poverty, protect the child, access safe, clean and affordable water, live in conducive environments, support their education, offer vocational trainings and enhance inclusivity and participation in socio-economic advancement. We support communities to own projects so as to continue driving positive change long after CINCO’s staff have left.

Staff development
CINCO staff is modest is to save on direct beneficiaries deliverable by saving for direct project intervention work. Our staff levels in the country are increasing due to expanded in country coverage and more projects roll out. New competencies and skills are required from staff implementing CINCO’s program approach as more innovations to design and implement needed target group interventions. CINCO strive to maintain staff with diverse set of technical skills and ability work on policy and advocacy. The staff holistic approach guides the organization’s thinking on how to approach social and economic development and disaster response. In order to best serve the poor and vulnerable, CINCO and its partners must be able to see the world in which they live and to understand the livelihood strategies they adopt. Our interventions are designed based on a comprehensive understanding of the factors that affect their lives, including not only their needs but also their strengths (assets), as well as the environments (systems and structures) in which they live. We strive to help people live to their full potential and meet their basic needs sustainably, while living with dignity in a just and peaceful world. Quality of staff influence strategic planning and program design, and CINCO and its partners identify the constraints and opportunities to improve people’s lives and livelihoods; and help communities engage actively with systems and structures that govern their lives to address root causes of poverty and improve their situations. Quality and motivated staff is a cornerstone to lowering the risk that an intervention will may not deliver the required impact envisage.

CINCO seeks to advance programs that look beyond traditional project funding cycles. CINCO is seeking to raise greater amounts of unrestricted funding, to build longer-term commitments with donors, and to influence the nature of programs donors are willing to fund. CINCO is also diversifying its donors.

CINCO call upon humanity to act in solidarity with the poor and vulnerable people through a number of actions by giving a portion of resources available to them to positively impact life. CINCO accepts donations from private donors, cooperates, civic and faith based organizations, bilateral and multilateral institutions. CINCO also leverages resources from foundations, NGOs and government grants to support meeting our strategic plan. CINCO is currently developing an endowment and emergency response fund of unrestricted funding to allow it to enhance country programs and respond quickly to emergencies.

CINCO’s advocates on issues that affect the poor and vulnerable in communities we work with in Kenya. Our programs are designed to allow communities to use political assets to engage with and positively change the systems and structures that negatively affect their lives. We strengthen the capacity of partners we work with to engage and also advocate. CINCO is currently expanding its advocacy work to address local pertinent issues/policies oppressive to access to services, preventing positive change and equity in social and economic development. In addition to increasing advocacy efforts with governments, CINCO integrates advocacy into its governance and rights work, but also through lobbying local and national governments. Every day, all over the world, unjust and unfair policies, systems, practices and attitudes force millions to live in poverty, early marriages and child labour with some of the affected and or die earlier due to deprived health, social and economic advancement. The only solution to such wrongs is for people to demand an end to such injustice and inequality. CINCO works to empower communities to know and to speak up for their rights at local, national and international levels. In situations where such community-led advocacy is not possible, CINCO takes the voices of those living in poverty to those decision-makers with the power to change unjust policies and practices. Our organization is increasing resources to bolster advocacy and constituency-building at all levels of society.

Responding to disasters
CINCO sets aside a certain amount of money that can be made available very quickly to launch urgent disaster responses. We identify places at risk of disaster, prepare resources and staff in high-risk zones, and build capacity and resilience among communities to help them protect themselves before an emergency and rebuild afterwards.

Impact Evaluation
By adopting a longer-term program approach, CINCO wants to produce sustained impact in the livelihoods of populations’ at a large scale. County offices are adopting impact measurement systems which take a 4 year view. CINCO has invested considerably in Monitoring and Evaluation to drive impact by investing in M&E systems and expertise to develop evaluation tools and train staff on evaluations, coupled with partnerships development for quality and standards assurance. CINCO aims to facilitate good governance principles to promote inclusive, transparent and responsible community management of development initiatives with structured community engagement from design, implementation to post project evaluation, thus social cohesion coupled with beneficiary ownership of community development projects.