Community based TB care CHEWS training

Community based TB care CHVs training

Global statistics indicate that the TB burden is more acute in urban areas. However, in countries where large portions of the population are rurally located and reside in extreme poverty, TB is dominant among rural dwellers. Poverty and limited access to health facilities and health workers significantly diminish the ability of people with TB who reside in rural areas to obtain timely diagnosis and treatment. Stigma and widespread lack of knowledge about TB are also more common in rural communities.

In the implementation of TB activities, CINCO coordinates with health-care providers and community organizations to ensure the provision of direct services for TB patients. Our collaborators which include the public and private Health departments are responsible for providing centralized, coordinated systems for activities extending beyond individual patient care. CINCO health activities are linked to and supported by existing community structures and facilities.

Activities undertaken

  • Networking, collaboration and partnership have been achieved with CBOs/FBOs, NGOs, Government, private sector and stakeholders working in prevention and control of TB/HIV
  • Approach to care and TB prevention combines clinical services, counseling, nursing and psycho-spiritual care, which represents a continuum of care, from the health facility to the community and vice versa.
  • Increased awareness of the community about TB risks and opportunities for protection by progressive research findings
  • Enhanced teamwork among TB project implementers by active involvement of community leaders in HIV & TB controls.

CINCO promotes self/stakeholders/partners’ IEC materials on TB/HIV and opportunistic infections (OIs) management and services for clienteles and roll of CHWs in community health management; targeted beneficiaries, required tasks and knowledge; review of national and international guidelines; and adaptation of existing training materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions in TB

TB is usually an infection of the lungs. It is spread by sharing air with someone who is suffering from TB disease. If you are healthy, your body puts the TB germs to sleep. The germs are kept asleep forever unless your body becomes weak with age, disease or medical treatments. If the TB germs wake up, they can start to do damage to the body. When the damage starts, then you may have symptoms and spread the germs to others.

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