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Kisumu – Kenya, East Africa.

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Donor Care Office,
Community Initiatives Concern (CINCO),
P. O. Box 2112, GPO – 40100,
Telephone: +254 572 502 662
Mobile Phone no: +254 734 056 256 or +254 722 114 215

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We strive to harness solutions that help us contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 and Kenya´s Vision 2030, supporting the delivery of the Kenya Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (KHSSIP) 2013 – 2017; the Second Medium Term Plan for Health (Transforming Health by Accelerating Attainment of Universal Health Coverage) and meeting the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework (KASF) 2014/15-2018/19 (Universal access to comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment and care), Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services Strategic Plan 2013-2017 and aligning our Child Development initiatives to the Kenya National Children Policy of 2008. We work to break the life cycle of poverty and build strong sustainable communities capable of finding solutions to their myriad of problems and defining the well-being of the future generations. These help to enhance equity and equality and thus brighten futures. That´s why we are here and why we hope you will join us in making our vision a reality.

An interest in CINCO is an interest in brighter prospects. We perceive that philanthropy alone can’t take care of the various social issues in our social orders. CINCO thus implements community driven interventions targeting innovative problem solving approaches in projects thus; child survival and education, health, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), HIV/AIDS prevention and Control, Women and Youth Development, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. We are focused on solutions that most viably and effectively meet the particular needs of every group/target for enduring and sustainable solutions.

When you give to CINCO, you can be guaranteed that your donation is having the greatest impact in the areas most in need. We are brilliant stewards of all donations we get, which are the reasons establishments like the Global Fund Malaria and Tuberculosis (TB), Lake Victoria Fisheries Associations bolster our work.

The Donor Bill of Rights was created by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and the Giving Institute, 1993. CINCO endorses and commits to protecting donors´ interests and gifts; as in line with our values. This Donor Bill of Rights enhances donor retention and vital to building and maintaining trust or commitment to protecting donors´ interests and gifts; which are priorities in CINCO´s endevours.

Our financial statements are available online at . We believe that we convey compelling, innovative approaches that will change lives and we would love to see you being a partner.

Donating online is the fastest way to send your contributions. You can also donate by sending a cheque or money order payable to Community Initiatives Concern and addressed to:

Executive Director,
Community Initiatives Concern – CINCO,
P. O. Box 2112 – 40100,
Kisumu – Kenya, East Africa.

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  1. Through Corporate Giving
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    Donor Care Office,
    Community Initiatives Concern (CINCO),
    P. O. Box 2112, GPO – 40100,
    Telephone: +254 572 502 662
    Mobile Phone no: +254 734 056 256 or +254 722 114 215

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CINCO started as a Self Help Group in the year 2002 and officially registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) on 30th April, 2003. Transformation to a NGO on 7th May, 2009 was due to increased quest for services by the different communities. CINCOs principle mandate is to design, implement and evaluate multi-component evidence based programme interventions that improve the income and health status of individuals and local communities. CINCO also carries out research with an aim of helping support communities´ problem solving approaches.

CINCO is a grass root NGO with activities drawn from and directed to the community level/ individual level. CINCO´s strategy is to seek, work with and strengthen Community Development avenues that improve people´s access to opportunities for improved livelihoods through their active participation.

CINCO strives to strengthen community avenues for target project implementation through; assembling key implementation partners, recruiting and capacity strengthening, building sustainability mechanisms such as continued CINCO support, community entry and participatory, community ownership and empowerment, and strengthening linkages between target institutional systems and communities.

CINCO was founded as a CBO in the year 2002 by George Onyango and James Adhiambo. At the registration time, the organization had 15 registered members. In the year 2009, the organization was registered as an NGO with George Onyango becoming the Executive Director and James Adhiambo becoming the Chairman of the Board of Directors. James Adhiambo retired in the year 2012. Zablon Odumba then became the Chairman Board of Directors.

You are free to utilize and share to support projects any of our photographs or recordings as long as you give CINCO appropriate credit by expressing “photograph (or video) by CINCO”.

You are free to use our materials for free but at your cost to minimize overheads. You can liaise with our Donor Care Office at for support as we believe it is a good endeavour towards resource mobilization. Our website can also be a good source of information for your use.

CINCO is a Kenya registered NGO and currently works in Kenya. We look forward to scaling our efforts internationally in the future.

The scope of our Registration Certificate only allows us to work in Kenya as at now and with specifics to areas of higher levels of communities´ intervention needs.

You are free to contact us to share more on this looking to support our community projects. Much obliged to you for your endeavour. You can contact us by sending an email to

Occasionally, and depending on need, some of our supports to communities go through partner community organizations operating in the areas of concern and work within our projects areas. This projects we fund are already within our scope and has to benefit the targeted communities or organization. We therefore do not finance outside our intervention specific areas.

In case your queries are not solved here, feel free to contact us for more detailed answers and further engagement. THANK YOU!