CINCO is a grass root NGO operating on a limited budget with most of our workforce team being composed of volunteers. By donating to CINCO, you are giving us the opportunity to continue with our work for targeted communities’ social and economic empowerment.

All funds donated to CINCO are used in one of our many projects to help only the disadvantaged members of the society. CINCO is determined to ensure that funds received are spent where it is needed most – on the many hundreds of thousands who look forward to us to support them in changing their lives. All donations are tax deductible.

Our fundraising and administrative costs are modest at approximately 15 percent of our budget given the environment where we work, with 85 percent of contributions going directly to finance beneficiaries’ projects, celebrations/commemorations/events for advocacy and awareness creation. The 15 percent is used for investing in global systems that stretch the power of your dollar/contributions and includes fundraising and administration, disaster preparedness, reliable systems and bringing on board experts for mitigations and harnessing of sustainable solutions to social issues.

CINCO welcomes donor contributions on how they would wish their cash donations spent for the benefit of our mutual clients/communities. CINCO is always ready to share with the donors our expenditure/accountability statements.


There are multiple ways you can help others to change their lives

  1. Work creatively and efficiently to ensure there is effectiveness in target community response interventions.
  2. Monitor and evaluate our Programmes and impact to ensure that highest quality Evidence Based Interventions (EBIs) programmes are implemented.
  3. Use funds responsibly and for the purpose they were intended.
  4. Report to donors in a transparent, consistent, and accurate manner on the use, impact and management of all financial contributions as per agreed schedule.
  5. Adhere to donor’s stated wishes regarding anonymity or other levels of public disclosure.
  6. Choose service providers offering the best value for money.
  7. In all our activities and undertaking, Our Core Values and the Donor Bill of Rights (1993) shall drive our work and responsibilities.

At CINCO, we strive to be financially accountable to our donors and to the communities we serve. For every USD 10 spent, CINCO uses USD 1.5 on Fundraising and Administrative costs.


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Thank you for considering supporting our work!
With your help, and that of our many partners we are continuing to meet our goals.

Figure 1: Our Expenses

  • Programmes Related
  • Administrative & Fundraising

Figure 2: Below shows allocation of our expenditures from year 2013 - 2016

  • Administrative & Fundraising Costs
  • Programmes Related
  • Total Costs
Amount raised
Total members
People Impacted

Some of the success stories