Every year, more than half a million women die from causes related to pregnancy and child birth and nearly 4 million die within 28 days of birth. This poses a great danger to human continuity. Although these numbers have declined since 1990, there are still too many avoidable deaths, and the vast majority occurring in developing countries, where adequate health services are often unavailable or inaccessible. Percentage of mothers completing antenatal and or postnatal visits is considerably law in these countries. Consequently unskilled deliveries therefore still characterize many of these developing countries. In Kenya, maternal mortality remains high at 488 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, with slow progression in maternal health.

Due to the low access to Maternal and Child Health Services, there is need for interventions that expand access to these services, a gap CINCO has since its inception strived to bridge. CINCO works to address retrogressive cultural norms and practices that endanger the lives of mothers and children.

CINCO is committed to contributing towards the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals 3, 5 and 6 to make delivery safer and for the well being of newborns. We strive to empower girls and women on their rights and the need to take charge of their health and family planning matters for healthy and economically vibrant households.

Early Childhood development (ECD)
In collaboration with Kenya AIDS NGOs Network (KANCO), CINCO trains Health Care Workers and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) on ECD and the role of various stakeholders with particular focus to the care takers. These include Psychosocial Development and other theories of development, Nutritional requirements, and proper upbringing among other identified gaps. During their routing house hold visitations, the CHVs under supervision of the trained health care providers pass information to households with special targets as the Care Givers.

Defaulter Tracing and Referrals
Through the trained CHVs, CINCO supports tracing of immunization defaulters, ANC defaulters and those Children who are defaulters at the child welfare clinics and brings them back to care through a well established referral system.

Malaria in Pregnancy (MIP)
Malaria causes fatal complications in pregnancy. Having cut a niche in the Malaria Lake Region endemic areas, CINCO recognizes the need for early diagnosis and treatment of MIP. Through the CHVs, data on all pregnant women are kept by name, trimester and health indicators. The CHVs conduct regular visitations to pregnant women where they deliver key health messages while identifying key MIP signs and symptoms for prompt referral and hence prompt treatment. With increased demand for Sulfadoxine/Pyrimethamine (SP) prophylactic treatments, the CHVs require further intensive training on the administration of SP as a high impact intervention area. This is in line with the current guidelines and recommendations as regards to the IMCI. CINCO therefore envisions scaling up MNCH through Capacity building of CHVs to administer SPs.

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  • Provision of nutritional supplements to vulnerable children under age 5 years, training and supporting CHVs on tracing of immunization defaulters, ANC defaulters and Children who are defaulters at the child welfare clinics and bringing them back to care. Please Click to Donate.

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