Community Initiatives Concern (CINCO), is a Kenyan based Non-Governmental Organization with its main office in Kisumu City, Kenya, East Africa. CINCO started as a Community Based Organization in the year 2002 and officially registered as a CBO on 30th April, 2003. Transformation to a NGO on 7th May, 2009 was due to increased quest for services by the different target communities.

CINCO works to towards building sustainable community development avenues to improving Health, Social services and Entrepreneurship, Disaster Relief and Advocacy. CINCO’s principle mandate is to design, implement and evaluate a multi-component evidence based health, Environment and human rights research and intervention projects that improve the health and socio-economic status of individuals and target communities. CINCO is a grass root NGO with its activities directed to and drawn from the community level/ individual level.

Our activities revolve around awareness creation amalgamated with information dissemination, mobilization and sensitization of communities and individuals, distribution of IEC materials, Sustainable Community Asset building, Capacity Strengthening /Training and technical advice for entrepreneurship and gender mainstreaming with resultant benefits to the target audiences. Since its inception, CINCO has done projects on Health, Social Development, Advocacy, Disaster, Water and Sanitation for Health and Child Survival. Different projects are being rolled out in different counties in Kenya based on community intervention needs. We have continued to expand in terms of capacity and turnover over the years.

CINCO’S strategy is to seek, work with and strengthen Community Development avenues that improve people’s access to opportunities for improved livelihoods through their active participation. CINCO is governed by a five member Board of Directors and a dedicated staff who ensure role out of different projects to meet stakeholders and target community expectations within the realm of project goal/objectives.

CINCO works closely with the Government Departments and Development agencies in rolling out of projects. We emphasize collaborations among national and international stakeholders, GoK, Private Sector institutions, statutory bodies, civil society organizations and devolving the same to the County, Sub-Counties and to local levels while promoting linkages between the levels.

Our Progress

children improved 85%
children education 73%
complex health 81%