1. When using our website, you will adhere to this privacy policy statement as given online.
  2. This privacy policy statement can be amended from time to time (reviewed) so as to conform to emerging changes in technology, security measures and website functionality. We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy without prior notice and the policy shall remain valid as per the date read and used as a reference and as per the date and time online.
  3. We shall adhere to the transfer, processing and maintenance of your personal and sensitive information in conformity with international best practices and international privacy laws as read with Kenyan Law and in the event of any conflict, Kenyan Law shall prevail in determining any dispute arising out of storage of personal and sensitive information.

Community Initiatives Concern’s Privacy Policy affirms our fundamental respect for donor privacy. Any information or data received from our donors/clients, in whichever form (whether electronic, verbal or hard copy registration or recording) is protected. In the event that Community Initiatives Concern is to disclose such information, we shall contact you as soon as possible stating reasons thereof and seek your consent before any form of disclosure is done.

Depending on the type of communication or transaction, some of the personal information we collect may include but is not limited to the following; your name, citizenry, organization’s name, zip code, age, income level, social media information, postal addresses, mobile and telephone numbers, email addresses, debit and credit card information, bank and/or billing information.

Our site additionally utilizes securely encrypted contribution and information gathering response forms for visitors who utilize these forms to donate, give data or information or request for data or information. Contact information from these forms are also used to process donations, prepare receipts, resolve client service issues or inquiries, match current donation data or information with donor history in our records and systems as well as gather other data or information about us for our esteemed clients.

Information or data that may be collected is not limited to; making donations, communicating with us, volunteering, getting services from Community Initiatives Concern’s, registering for a fundraiser or an event and job application.

Community Initiatives Concern does not accept, collect or request individual data from anybody less than 18 years old or purposely enable such people to give us their own data without parent’s or guardian’s consent. Any data from under 18 years received wrongfully is thus bound to be deleted forthwith from our records on discovery or notification, whether in hard copy or electronic form. In the event that may have inadvertently obtained any data from or about anybody less than 18 years old, please get in touch with us at or call us from Monday – Saturday, 8:30AM – 5:00PM (East African Time; +3.00GMT).

Community Initiatives Concern values your trust and guarantees that we shall constantly strive to be prudent in our management of resources, truthful in our endeavours, guided by our values i.e. Respect for human dignity; Integrity and reliability in all operations; Commitment; Social Justice; Equality and Equity; Gender Mainstreaming; and Wholeness and Inclusiveness, our aim being to ensure accountability to the satisfaction of families and stakeholders.

Community Initiatives Concern may share personal data or information internally to enforce your commitments with us such as donation transactions, communicating with you, accessing your tailor made web pages on our Community Initiatives Concern’s website, employment, interviews, internship, research work and Volunteering. Community Initiatives Concern may share your information or data under the following exceptional circumstances:

  1. Service Providers: Community Initiatives Concern uses third parties to provide Debit or credit card transactions, Online Financial Transitions, Electronic Funds Transfers, Cheque Payments, Money Order Payments, information processing services, commitments, employment applications, online donations, mobile phone financial transactions, Surveys , Telephone, Mobile Phone, Postal, Mail and other online communications channels, we may share your personal information with our third party service providers while making efforts to ensure the third parties hold your personal information in strict confidence. Some information, data or statistics to select third parties may enable Community Initiatives Concern to identify other partners who may be interested in collaborating with us in supporting our activities. Such disclosures shall be done carefully to ensure protection of your personal information. As much as we try to ensure selection of organizations with high reputation in maintaining confidentiality, we do not own or control them and cannot guarantee your privacy.
  2. Community Initiatives Concern Restructuring, Asset Control Transfers or Acquisition: during such restructuring or acquisition, your personal information may be transferred to a third party involved.
  3. Breach of Information: breaches or inappropriate interference can occur with the use of our website, communication gadgets or platforms, donor transactions or personal or real property. If we have reason to believe that our website users, donors, employees, volunteers, interns, researchers or our other related parties may have caused injuries or harm to some other party, we will, without notice, disclose some personal information as may be appropriate or when compelled by a legal entity or authority.

Community Initiatives Concern shall at all times ensure that a donor’s project preference stated are adhered to. In the event of a given project being overfunded, the funds will be used for similar projects approved by the Board of Directors.

Google Analytics and Cookies

Google Analytics is used to gather data about our site’s use. Data include frequency of site and page specific visits; other sites visited before and web preferences. It also gathersIP addresses used during the visits but not client identifying information. Google Analytics plants permanent cookie on your web browser to identify you as a unique user next time you visit our site, the cookie cannot be used by anyone but Google. Google’s capacity to utilize and share data gathered by Google Analytics about your visits to this site is limited by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser from Community Initiatives Concern’s web server and is stored on your PC’s hard drive. They are utilized to gather non-identifying data about the website user just as Google Analytics above. They help us to track client’s movement inside our site and additionally record the IP address of every guest to this site and contain a kind identifier that enables our systems to remember you when you return to our site, as well as helping us identify search engines used without recording your private data or information. The information we gather assist us determine issues related to site or server performance, gather information about countries and domains our visitors come from as well as their behaviour to enhance efficient site management and performance.

You can also disabling cookies from your web browser though this may reduce your experience on our website.

Opting out or modifying your information

Some areas on our website, on subscription or registration, may send information to you. You can opt-out of receiving communications from us by clicking unsubscribe just below the mail received. For other areas where users cannot opt out or modify information on their own, use the following contact information to reach us to modify your information or unsubscribe you from receiving further communications from us.

  1. Email us at
  2. Contact us through any means given below:
    Help Desk Office,
    Community Initiatives Concern,
    Next to St Anna Guest House – Milimani,
    Baring Road, off Ring Road, Plot No. BL 12/214,
    Kisumu City,
    P. O. Box 2112, GPO – 40100,
    Telephone No: (+254) 0572 502 662
    Mobile Phone No: (+254) 0734 056 256 or (+254) 0722 114 215

When contacting us to modify your data/information/communication, include as much information as possible that would help us easily identify you in our records. You can also use the above contacts for any enquiry about this privacy policy or site related issues.

Last Update: 5th October, 2017