The organization offers local and international internships and volunteer opportunities. While both volunteer attachments and internships may be part of a learning programme, volunteer opportunities are also offered to out-of-school candidates who may be on sabbatical or who want to contribute to community service.

CINCO welcomes interns/attaches/volunteers/researchers looking for organizations to work with. Internships are available to diploma, degree, post-graduate and doctoral understudies who wish to obtain information and experience of a genuine workplace to the shared banquet of both the association and the Intern. CINCO believes in building/ strengthening the capacity of interns by giving them hands on experience needed to fit into the job and volunteer sectors with the sole aim of positively changing the destiny of mankind. Internship positions at CINCO are characterized as organized learning encounters in which interns are presented to the different parts of CINCO’s operations and tasks. All temporary job arrangements depend on obviously recognized requirements driven by the targets of CINCO’s business Plan. CINCO arranges entry level positions as regulated projects of work and study in view of unmistakably characterized terms that are commonly advantageous to the intern and to CINCO. One must apply and be chosen keeping in mind the end goal to join CINCO’s internship programme.

Interns are required to contribute their aptitudes, learning and skills while gaining supplemental preparing in their ranges of specialization. However, they are not full-time employees and do not substitute full-time staff. Internships are regularly offered for a time of three months however can be reached out to a maximum of six months. Demands for more time might be considered on case by case basis. An intern will work for about of 40 hours for every week.

Available positions will be posted on CINCO´s website on a regular basis or as periodic dates may be given from time to time. One can also apply earlier for consideration when positions arise. We strive to offer value given that apart from gaining skills, interns also help us to meet the objectives of the organization. Interns can be referred to CINCO by institutions or make enquiries as appropriate. Enquiries can be made through our contact channels giving a brief description on qualification level and internship need.

CINCO does not require or expect prospective and existing Interns to make any form of payment to secure and work as interns within CINCO.

Selection Criteria

  • Interns shall be recruited through notices on the CINCO website, indicating the type of interns required, the period of time each is needed, and the deadline for applying for the internship. However one can apply early so as to fall within time frame requirements.
  • Applications and meetings for entry level positions might be facilitated by the internship office in conjunction with the department requesting for intern or an agent.
  • Selection will be on competitive basis based on the job requirements and the most appropriate applicants will be chosen.
  • Applications will be done using the official application form on our website, downloaded, filled and posted with attachments and sent to the email address:
Candidates must submit:
  • An application to CINCO with all attachments required. All applications must be submitted to the internship office as given on this website and the application form provided used for the purpose.
  • Number of credits required for validation by the candidate´s institution, where applicable.

NB: Please take note of that because of the expansive number of candidates, we are not in a position to answer to each demand and just shortlisted applicants will be reached for meetings.

CINCO will accept intern/attaché under the following guidelines:
  1. Intern/attaché will be granted to interns/attachés with relevant training to the work they are to perform in CINCO
  2. CINCO will have no financial obligation to the Intern/attaché. However a small lunch/transport allowance can be paid based on activity as per the organization´s running rates.
  3. Intern/attaché will be required to observe CINCO’s rules and regulations.
  4. Intern/attaché must be smart, decent and well groomed during our activities and in office.
  5. Intern/attaché shall work under an assigned supervisor, who upon completion of the internship period, will prepare a recommendation letter summarizing conduct and performance.
  6. The internship may be terminated at any point without warning upon failure to observe any of the conditions stated herein. In the case of an intern/attaché unexpected departure, they will need to give at least 24 hours notice.
The basic requirements for interns/ attaches are as follows;
  1. Letter from Intern/attaché´s learning/working institution
  2. Application Document Current Passport Photograph
  3. Copy of Identification Document/Passport
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  5. Copy of School/college leaving certificates/letters from previous grades (Not for researchers)
  6. Letters of recommendation from a Government Administrative officer and one person of respect and authority in your area of residence/work
  7. Confirmation letter from Medical/Health/Travel Insurance for non-citizens

Tabulated below are internship areas currently available and upon website update include;

S/NO Programme Areas
1. Social Entrepreneurship & Livelihoods
2. Child Education & Life Skills
3. Child Protection
4. Young Mothers Vocational Training
5. Youth Talent Development
6. Reproductive Health and Family Planning
7. Adolescent & Youth Reproductive Health
8. Community Health Systems Strengthening (Community Health Units and Community Health Volunteers)
9. Integrated Management of Child Hood Illnesses (IMCI)
10. Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (MNCH)
11. Malaria
12. Water and Sanitation for Health
14. Monitoring and Evaluation
15. Disaster relief
16. Advocacy
17. Research
18. Communication
19. Information Technology/Software Developer etc. (Specify)
20. Finance
21. Human Resource & Administration

For enquiries and applications, email us at:

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